Anthropologists found in the Altai tooth new subspecies of Homo

DNA studies of the new tooth found in Denisova Cave famous, have shown that our ancestors were not only Neanderthals

Genetic analysis shows that “Denisovsky” people living in Siberia for much longer than it used to be considered earlier. DNA analysis of two molars, found in Denisova Cave shows that their age is about 40 thousand. Years. This means that our ancestors shared Eurasia not only with Neanderthals, but also with other types of ancient man.

In 2008 at Denisova Cave (Soloneshensky District Altai Krai) by archaeologists Michael Shunkovym and Anatoly Derevyanko (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of SB RAS) was found bone phalanx of ancient man. Her age was estimated at 38-40 thousand. Years, and it could belong, as the scientists decided, the Neanderthals. But it turned out that this is a whole new look.

- This is an amazing place. In fact, this is the only place in the world where there were three different groups of people with very different stories. - Says Svante Paabo (Svante Pääbo), a biologist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

In 2010, a team of geneticists and anthropologists, led by Paabo have found mitochondrial DNA (DNA which is not in the cell nucleus, and organelles). The analysis of DNA from bones previously analyzed phalanx and two molars shows that Denisovtsy left their mark on modern man. In the genome of modern Melanesians who live in Papua New Guinea and other parts of the Pacific Ocean, only 5% of Denisovtsev.

19 November 2015

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