Why can not believe astrologers

For employees of the Department of Science “Gazety.Ru” astrological predictions have long been of no interest: it seemed, on this subject, all that is possible, and the vast majority of people are already aware any lack of common sense in them. But the publication of a video interview with Tamara Globa on the pages of our publication has spurred same conduct another analysis of the activities of astrologers from a scientific point of view.

The question that scientists do not know anything, was well dealt with in the letter of Nobel laureate Vitaly Ginzburg General Director of JSC “newspaper” Izvestia “Peter Godlewski in 2005. Here is an excerpt from that letter (quoted in VG Surdina” Astrology and Science “):

“Astrological predictions, unfortunately, not only publish” News “, and I know the usual motive in the protection of such publications: that what is pseudoscience, it is not clear, and who proved that astrology is a pseudoscience, and all such publications allegedly only useful. I think this is ignorance or shameless demagoguery.

To substantiate this claim must be some explanation.

1. Astrology is a pseudoscience at the moment, but once there, to Galileo and Kepler, it was not so, then there is a statement about its pseudoscientific is, so to speak, a historical category. The same, incidentally, applies to many other things, such as alchemy, the notion of caloric, etc. But what does that have to date?

Astrology has reached and law enforcement agencies
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2. We believe pseudoscience that is contrary to sound science today. Since astrology is wrong, firstly, because now well known forces that act on the planet Earth, and it is clear that these forces are so small that they can not influence the fate of people. Second, conducted numerous statistical surveys, from which it is clear that any impact position of the planets on human affairs does not have (followed by the reference to several articles, one of which, called “Astrology has reached and the law enforcement agencies,” written by Eugene Alexandrov , Vitaly Ginzburg, Edward Kruglyakova and Vladimir Fortov, it can be found in the incision, which is located on the side. - “Herald”).

3. Astrological predictions as you can see on your own pages of “Izvestia”, has an extraordinary emptiness and absurdity. To think that such things are innocent, I do not see any reason to. Most readers of this chatter, of course, do not believe, but those who believe, may suffer significant damage. ”

Ultimately, this letter came the following reply: …

5 January 2015

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