Confidence in the presence of democracy in Russia has increased from 8% in March 2014 to 16% today. 46% believe that Russia needs a “very special, corresponding to national traditions and specifics of democracy”

Those who believe that in today’s Russia “is partly a democracy“, as it became more - 46% against 38% in 2014, say sociologists.

The share of Russians who believe that democracy in the country is not yet established, decreased from 32% to 19%.

One in ten believes that democracy in Russia is becoming less (11% versus 13% in 2014), showed a poll conducted among 1,600 people in 137 settlements of 48 regions of Russia.

According to 46% of the respondents, Russia is suitable only “a very special, corresponding to national traditions and specifics of democracy” (in September 2014 thought so 55%).

At the same time the share of those who want to see Russia in the same democracy as in Europe and the United States (from 13% to 16%) or in the USSR (from 16% to 19%). About uselessness of democracy in Russia, 5% of respondents stated.

In the future, a third of Russians (31%) would like to see the Russian “state with market economy, democratic institutions, human rights, like the countries of the West, but with their own way of life” (in March 2014 wanted 37%).

It became more of those who say they “do not care what the type of the Russian state, it is only important how well I will live, I and my family” (27% now and 22% in 2014).

One in four (24%) would like to see Russia as a “country with a very special arrangement and special path of development” (18% in 2014).

For a return to socialism and communist ideology in favor of 10% of the respondents (17% in 2014). The Empire, the monarchy as it was before 1917, 3% of Russians prefer (2% in 2014).

14 January 2016

Leopold Szondi. Creator sudboanaliza
Dive into the chaos of varying degrees of gore fallen unipolar world democracy

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