The term “Great Patriotic War” set out to remove from the Ukrainian textbooks

Ukrainian Ministry of Education has begun to discuss the changes in the history books for high school students, in particular, the Great Patriotic War, want to replace the Second World War.

“It (the discussion) will last until August 20, and then the proposals will be submitted for approval by the board of the Ministry of Education. This is the replacement of the term” Great Patriotic War “with the term” World War II “, a more detailed description of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars from the Crimea, and the Greeks Armenians, the OUN-UPA, Ukrainian dissidents. Also teachers in the classroom will teach children about the events on Independence that took place this year, but until an ATO will not speak, because it is not over yet, “- told” “in Ukrainian educational agency, adding that the history books will be rewritten until:” All this will be in the form of guidelines for teachers. Perhaps the new textbooks will be available by the next school year, but only if you pay for their release for some Publishing, because we have no money. ”
Officials say the history books - one of the most painful issues for PWS: “They change every two years, as soon as the new government comes. Example, after the” Orange Revolution “, we quickly added it to the textbooks, and two years later had to have a quickly remove it from there. Rather, it is still there, but in a very condensed form, “- complained to the Ministry of Education.

Teachers, according to Ukrainian media, to changes in the program are easy. “I believe that children need to talk about everything, but serve the story sauce that one hundred heroes Heavenly overshadow Soviet heroes, wrong, because something, and it is important. Naturally, I am going to tell the children about Independence, rather, this could not be avoided in the past, because the families of these events were actively discussed, “- said, in particular, a history teacher in Kiev Lyceum” Leader “Alevtina Baginskaya.

Her colleague from Zaporozhye Natalia Goncharuk sure that feed on the lessons of history does not depend on what is written in textbooks and on the personal position of the teacher: “Of course, everyone will be talking about the Independence, and an A & P, but as the teacher says to lesson, that no one will check. Though now the situation is so urgent, and the parents of children in the same class have different opinions so that they project onto their children, that personally I will try not to give any estimation of events and speak only on confirmed facts. Just now, in the summer, I re-read the news at the time, to have a complete picture in my head, “- she said.

Note that the Crimea to Russia will also change the program of training courses, but - on the contrary - in the direction of greater objectivity. “Most likely, we will cease to teach history, for example, as a fundamental culture of Tripoli, which allegedly increased the Ukrainian nation,” - said in an interview with LOOK history teacher oldest Crimean Gymnasium. Ushinskogo Dmitry Borisov.

7 August 2014

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