Live replica ear Van Gogh exhibited in the museum

There are two versions of how the world-famous genius Vincent Van Gogh lost his ear. According to one of them the artist cut off his left ear lobe as a result of a quarrel with peers Paul Gauguin. Van Gogh allegedly rushed to Gauguin with a razor, but when he ducked drew rage against himself. On the other - perpetrator of the incident is Gauguin, a recognized master of cruel hassles.

Whatever it was, the event took place and even reflected in the works of genius, known for his self-portraits with bandaged ear and his ear cut off and the tube. After his death, the story of “pushing the” gallery owner Julius Meier-Graefe. Nor does it rest and contemporaries. German hudozhntsa Dimut Shtrebe (Diemut Strebe) has created an unusual install the modern tech means. Using the genetic material of living relatives of Van Gogh, was grown copy of his ear, which exhibited for public viewing Deutsches Museum.

Since the artist did not have children, in a letter to his brother, he admitted that as children considering his own paintings. Nevertheless, the family genius was quite extensive, so to find the source of biological material for art installation was not difficult. Several cells gladly provided Lyuve Van Gogh (Lieuwe van Gogh), great-grandson of Vincent’s brother and the support of Theo van Gogh.

Lyuve - medium one-sixteenth of the same genes, and Vincent, including the Y-chromosome which is transmitted through the male line - found the idea of ​​a live copy of your ear just wonderful ancestor. “He fell in love with the project immediately,” - says Shtrebe.

Live ear replica was made using 3D-printing. Domiciled in the United States Dimut Shtrebe take the help of experts from the Boston Hospital Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Grown their ear inside the container with the nutrient fluid. Theoretically it can be stored in this state for many years.

Visitors can share with “Van Gogh’s ear” his impressions about installation or other thoughts with a microphone. Exhibition in Germany last until July 6. The following year Shtrebe intends to show his work in New York.

10 June 2014

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