Dive into the chaos of varying degrees of gore fallen unipolar world democracy

Unipolar world in which the solution for everyone takes one country will inevitably sink into increasing chaos, and not because the US leadership - these are some bad people in particular. They are ordinary.

For supporters of democracy and the unipolar world with a single pole in the US (take, for example, the recent Maxim Kantor lyrics to “Freedom”) again and again, you can come across among the authors in the pages of publications, which position themselves as “free” and “liberal.”

Let me say that democracy - and logically and practically - is incompatible with the unipolar world. And if Obama’s message is the contradiction looks, in general, quite naturally, the performance of “liberal activists” inhabiting a fair distance from the Pole - just absurd.

Democracy - a system built on the recognition that people are not virtuous. People - the fallen beings. They tend to pursue their personal and group interests to the detriment of others and abuse their authority when they have the opportunity arises. Therefore, democracy built checks and balances that need to get people to take the interests of each other, and the government - to act strictly within the rules.

Faith in unipolarity, in contrast, is associated with faith in the goodness of people - at least some of them. It suggests that the very sole pole of power will take care of the welfare of others and refrain from abuse, with no checks and balances - simply because it is inherent virtue.

You can not be both an advocate of democracy and unipolarity. You can not simultaneously demand the election, successive, limited and accountable government at the national level and call on his head a world power, which does on your votes and does not depend in any way in front of you does not report, on a global scale.

Monopolyus as a power center, located outside the country, and not accountable to its residents - it is something, in principle, and all items are incompatible with democracy.

The current global hegemon - the United States - in itself can have a democratic system that encourages politicians to act in the interests of citizens. Not all agree with that, but we will, for simplicity, the case that this is so.

But this does not mean that American politicians will, or at least be able to act in the interests of strangers. There are no checks, no feedback system which will encourage them to do so.

The results we have seen. Western intervention in Iraq and Libya, support for the revolution in the Ukraine led only to a significant deterioration in living standards. Why?

It’s not malice as such; Nobody wanted it to plunge the region into chaos. Just when the decisions that determine the life and death of people, taken by the authorities of another country, the people have no opportunity to influence them. And it will be very bad decisions.

15 January 2016

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