Geophysics reported three-layer core of the Earth

Geofiziki of Kitaya and SSHA soobschili, that is in the tsentre Zemli raspolozheno ne dvuxsloynoe and three-layer core. The results of their research scientists published in the journal Nature Geoscience, and briefly with them can be found at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to the accepted view, in the center of the earth at a depth of about 2.9 thousand kilometers beneath her mantle is iron-nickel core. It has a radius of approximately 3.5 thousands of kilometers and consists of two layers. The outer layer - liquid. Its thickness reaches believed to approximately 2.2 thousands of kilometers. Internal - hard. Now scientists believe that this solid core of the Earth’s core consists of two parts.

10 February 2015

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• For the first time were able to measure the magnetic field inside the Earth's core at a depth of 2896 km »»»
Judging from the under the guidance of Bruce Buffett (Bruce Buffett) data, the global magnetic field of the Earth at this depth is approximately 50 times more powerful than at the surface.
• Scientists have announced the discovery of the missing link of evolution »»»
Moscow. May 7th. INTERFAX.RU - Scientists have found microbes, which they called the children of the missing link between the evolution of the first microorganisms and protozoa.
• Randy Shekman opposed leading scientific journals because of tyranny and to disturb the course of the scientific process. »»»
No matter how we complained about the fact that people are no longer interested in science.
French geologists discovered the anomalous part of the ice cover in high Himalayas.
• Russia science while overtaking Brazil, but has lagged behind India and lagged far behind China. The fall continues »»»
One of the world’s largest international news agency Thomson Reuters (formerly Reuters) recently published a report on the status of Russia’s fundamental science.