Russia is once again surprised all: 77% of Europeans are not happy with the situation in their countries, and 56% of Russians are satisfied, the state of affairs in his. How did it happen?

The world’s largest sociological service - Washington Center “Social” - published the results of a global survey of life satisfaction.

Picture sentiment in the United States and Russia was a mirror: if the ocean 66 percent of the population are unhappy with the state of affairs in the country and only 33 percent are satisfied, in Russia 56 per cent satisfied and dissatisfied with only 36.

Bruce Stokes, head of research, director of “Global economic sentiment” …

- You write that the majority of respondents around the world with pessimistic about the way things work in their countries. This is an unusual situation?

- Here are just all the usual. The predominance of a gloomy outlook on the economy and the situation in the country was evident in 2013, and now - in 2014. For developed countries, there social mood seemed the most tragic. This spring, fortunately, he straightened up a little: the average value of satisfaction at least the economic policy of the state in the top ten developed countries has improved by 16 percentage points. This is a sign that even a moderate economic recovery, which was observed in some parts of Europe, Japan and the United States, are not ignored citizens. They see that things are going smoothly. The paradox here is a somewhat different - this observation is not too affected their assessment of the overall situation in the country, the economy is the economy, but the severity of dissatisfaction persists. As a result, we see that the most happy life Asia, in particular China, Vietnam and Malaysia, but Europe remains the most miserable: according to surveys of the population, on average, 77 percent of its residents are not welcome what is happening in their countries.

- Americans are not too satisfied?

- With America’s complicated at all: here revealed by our survey the situation, by the way, is well illustrated already called paradox. Objectively speaking, the situation in the economy is improving - it is growing, and growing faster than in many other developed countries. And while the Americans in the first place, did not have much enthusiasm from the economic success: in comparison with 2013 year optimists only a 7 percent increase - now there are 40, and secondly, the predominant part of the population - 62 percent - believes that the general business in the country is not very good. They can recognize the improvement in the economy, but this does not feel better. In other words, all the economic measures can only improve the atmosphere with respect to society. In addition, the hope of the economy and economic recovery generates a kind of effect of unmet expectations: since after the 2008 crisis, we recover much slower than after all the previous ones, the whole social strata are disappointed. Americans have become more annoying, even in their own familiar problems: long-term unemployment, wage cuts in some sectors of the economy, income disparity between rich and poor, the prospect of stagnation …

15 September 2014

Talergofsky concentration camp
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