Trailer for electric bicycle in emergencies

In September last year, Jim Turner (Jim Turner) creator of the popular electric bicycle Optibike stuck in the floods in Boulder (Colorado, USA), where the headquarters and production Optibike Electric Bicycle Company. People were without electricity, roads were washed out and move around the city could only on foot or by bike.

How to cope with an emergency? Turner thought that when the roads are washed out, to deal with the elements ideally suited to light specially equipped bicycle trailers by which people could deliver the most necessary things, battery charging electronics and water filters, in extreme cases - even transported the wounded.

Two-time champion National Championship Motocross, Jim Turner became one of the pioneers in the market of electric bicycles. Its robust and reliable model Optibikes sold in 33 countries. Various designs cost from $ 2,800 to $ 14,000. Off-road models have the same cross that mountain bikes, but may additionally tow trailers weighing more than 200 pounds (90 kg).

Developing ideas boss engaged designers presenting their ideas, how to turn off-road electric bikes in the effective light rescue equipment.

To work on the bike trailer for emergency response (Bicycle Emergency Response Trailer, BERT) joined two dozen students and industrial design of the Central State University of Denver (Metropolitan State University of Denver).

They offered to install solar panels on the trailer, intended to supply phones and signal lights, plug-in units and on-board batteries water filters. Their trailers are expanded in flat table, creating a workspace for rescuers, which unfolds over the tent. Modular stacking boxes and can be used for storing medicines, electronics and styling equipment. Raised side walls converted trailer in carriage to transport the wounded.

Turner on the court and the seven student projects emergency bicycle trailer in the form of models of the natural size of a quarter. Most students come to the conclusion that it is advisable to make the upper part, a folding desktop, removable base to be able to use the truck to transport independently.

Student team veteran of the Iraq war Patrick Quinn (Patrick Quinn) has focused on the wounded. Their trailer is broken down into component parts that can be used as a stretcher in the compartments located containers adapted for collection, storage and water purification. “It’s real ideas. They are not capable of much, but will quickly pull people - says Quinn. - I have different ideas for this.”

21 May 2014

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