Potato Farm at the airport them. Kennedy

In an effort to beautify the Kennedy Airport and show travelers the opportunity to agriculture, JetBlue Airways opens his own farm, near Terminal №5.

The farm, with an area of ​​24,000 square feet, were planted 3000 seedlings box of blue potatoes, and 2000 bushes green and various products such as arugula, beets, mint and basil.

“The airport seems unlikely places for the experiment of Agriculture, but that may be the best way to explore our role in the food cycle than the harvest directly from our own backyard,” says Mendelson Sofia (Sophia Mendelsohn), Manager of the stability of the airline.

The project faced a number of problems, as the airport was concerned about attracting wildlife. It took three years to get permission for the farm and plants that eventually were approved, due to their ability to limit the birds and other animals from approaching this area.

The farm was created with the support of GrowNYC Partners, a nonprofit organization that promotes the development of local agriculture, and in partnership with Terra, by the manufacturer of chips. As expected, the farm will be able to bring more than 1,000 pounds of blue potato crop.

Also, the airline hopes to use some of the crop for the production of blue potato chips, which will be offered to passengers during flights.

Some of the harvest will be donated to a free soup kitchen, and are often used in airport restaurants.

20 October 2015

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