59% of Russians saw the value in the sanctions, the harm mentioned only every fourth

Most people in Russia have found useful sanctions Western countries against Russia, the survey showed “Levada Center” held in late September 2014. Results of the study, which involved 1,630 residents of Russian cities and villages, published at the center on Thursday, October 16th.

One in six respondents (15 percent) believe that the Western sanctions and response kontrsanktsii Russia “definitely” will benefit the Russian economy. Another 44 percent of respondents believe that the sanctions will “likely to benefit.” On the dangers of sanctions says one in four (25 percent).

However, many (41 percent) believe that the sanctions are directed against the whole of Russian society, and not only against the officials responsible for Russia’s policy in the Ukraine (think like 30 percent of respondents). One in five (21 percent), answering the question, against whom sanctions are directed, said that Western leadership did not think much about how the sanctions will affect the general population of Russia.

Only 16 percent of Russians said that the sanctions have created problems for them. The majority (79 per cent) said they did not felt the impact of Western sanctions. While one in four (26 percent) believes that the sanctions could create problems in the future, but the majority (62 percent) believes that the situation will remain the same and there are no problems.

Opinions of Russian citizens on the “law of the Rothenberg”, designed to compensate for losses from the budget of the companies that came under sanctions evenly divided: 40 percent of respondents believe the law right, 39 per cent disagree with them. With the majority (60 per cent) supported the idea of ​​arresting the property of Western companies who have benefited from the imposition of sanctions against Russia. Negatively to this proposal include 17 percent. One in four (23 per cent) were undecided.

58 percent of Russians supported the idea of ​​a boycott of Western products in response to Western sanctions. Only 25 percent of respondents reacted negatively to the proposal rejection of foreign purchases.

Many respondents (68 percent of respondents) believe that Russia should continue to support the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic and not to abandon it, as the United States and the European Union insist. 79 percent of study participants reacted negatively to the idea of ​​the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

16 October 2014

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