“Chip” aliens was only the imprint of ancient plants

This spring, considerable interest was aroused by the Internet users of the found fossils in the Krasnodar region, whose age is variously estimated at from 250 to 450 million years.
Well, fossil, fossils. Such stones paleontologists are thousands, if not a “but”.
At this time, found a piece of stone has riveted the attention of those who sincerely believes in paleovisit, that is visiting the Earth by extraterrestrial aliens in prehistoric times, as well as those who believe that the Earth in ancient times there was a civilization, in many ways was ahead technologically current humanity.

24 November 2014

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• In the mountains of Kemerovo region, geologists found a stone wall, which is more than 100,000 years »»»
In the south of the Kemerovo Region during a geological expedition - Russian geologists have discovered Stonehenge.
Russian scientists have conceived clone found in Yakutia ancient animals - mammoths, bison and horse.
• 100-year-old Swiss watches found in an ancient tomb 400 years ago. »»»
Archaeologists baffled by finding 100-year-old Swiss watches, which have lain untouched in the ancient tomb of more than 400 years.
• Found the remains of ancient Homo sapiens »»»
If the interpretation of this finding does not change, scientists will have almost double the age of our species.
After 10 years of archaeological research, scientists have concluded that Stonehenge was built as a monument to the unity of the tribes who lived in Britain.