Google has acquired its own drones

This week, the web giant Google Facebook won in the struggle for the acquisition of the manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, solar powered, Titan Aerospace.

Although Google claims that drones will be used solely for the forces of good deeds such as, for example, to provide wireless access to the Internet in remote areas, some still worry that they may violate the privacy of consumers.

Company of New Mexico Titan Aerospace specializes in the manufacture of aerospace drones on solar energy.

“It is too early to say, but atmospheric satellites can greatly help in providing access to the Internet for millions of people, but also help solve other problems, including disaster relief and damage to the environment, such as deforestation,” the spokesman said Google.

Drones on solar energy, which is much higher flying passenger aircraft and slightly lower orbit satellites can transmit signals from space. Thus, Google can use them not only for the Internet, but also for the service mapping.

Since Google will manage its drones, through them can get control its own satellites, which means faster update Google Maps and Google Earth in real time.

18 April 2014

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