Talergofsky concentration camp

Its main aim was genocide of the Russian people for the purpose of carrying out a number of areas Ukrainianization Western Russia

In September 2014 marks one hundred years since the beginning of the first European concentration camp, and in fact the first in the history of the death camps - Talergofa. For us, this date is of particular importance, as this site has been created for the Russian. Its main aim was genocide of the Russian people for the purpose of carrying out a number of areas Ukrainianization western Russia, owned at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Ukrainians - a particular ideology, but has the form of national patriotism, but rather the opposite, in fact any other ideologies of this kind, because it is based on the rejection of the native tradition. And this is due primarily to the absence of the primary ethnic identity, on which it could rely, and on the basis of which it could build a nation. While in other countries the national statehood was created on the basis of the already existing historical tradition of ethnic and national identity, the Ukrainian nationalists had to “start from scratch” that is grafted to the local population of the new, not previously existing self-name and identity.

Historically, the end of the XIX century in Galicia and Bukovina, almost no one believed themselves to be Ukrainians - the so called herself only a small handful of people who participated in the “Ukrainian” political movement. Their ideology in general was to ensure that the Russian people of South-West of Russia - is an entirely different people than that the Russian people, who live in the North-Eastern Russia, and because he needed to find a different name and a special identity. From the 1890s. these ideas were actively supported and even openly implanted official Vienna, as it allows to overcome the pro-Russian sentiment in the eastern Slavs empire environment deterioration of relations with Russia and the expectations of a major war.

13 September 2014

Russians for Putin, but against the policy. President of Russia’s electoral rating rose to a record 87%. Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 4% of the vote
Russia is once again surprised all: 77% of Europeans are not happy with the situation in their countries, and 56% of Russians are satisfied, the state of affairs in his. How did it happen?

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The Russians, not having virtually no idea of the national identity of Belarusians, Lithuanians, their culture and their history - somehow believe that the Belarusians are very similar to Russian.
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Lead researcher at the Center for German Studies Institute of Europe.
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Those who believe that in today's Russia "is partly a democracy", as it became more - 46% against 38% in 2014, say sociologists.