UPS never turns left. Mythbusters confirmed

It sounds like a stupid april joke, but actually turns out the absolute truth - UPS commercials very, very, very rarely turn left in the United States.

This strategy was developed by engineers to improve the efficiency and fuel economy.

After careful study, they found that one of the reasons for downtime is the result that drivers turn left, in fact go against the flow.

United Parcel Service Inc. UPS and simply owns more than 2,500 low-toxic vehicles and smart logistics helps drivers to reduce fuel emissions and carbon, delivering an average of 15.8 million parcels every day.

In 2004, UPS announced a new policy for their drivers the right way to get to any destination - is to avoid left turns. Even if compliance with this rule means that after the UPS driver will receive a review of what or whether skeptical journalist:

“We’re going to turn right on West 135th. Then we will take another turn down the west on 139th. Turn right on 139th and down to the end of the quarter, and we will take another right turn.”

The company’s engineers found that left turns are a major drag on efficiency. Turning it counterclockwise motion leads to a long wait in the bar on the left turn that is wasted time and fuel, and it also leads to a disproportionately large number of accidents. Paving routes using “series right loops”, UPS increased its income and security at the same time promoting my cunning, friendly to the environment, and politics.

As of 2012, usually turn to the right in conjunction with other improvements, led to a saving of about 10 million gallons of fuel per year and reduce emissions, which is equivalent to a decrease on the 5300 cars on the road each year.

Describing the new system in his speech, CEO of UPS told the audience: “I see some of you smiling, and I understand that you may think. But it really works.”

In this really hard to believe. But for this there are “MythBusters” (Mythbusters).
Team Discovery Channel’s popular show decided to test the stated strategy.

24 April 2014

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