Camokontrolya related to the size of the brain - the results of evolution

A team of American biologists published a study on the evolution of brain size and self-control. According to their results, the size of the brain correlates with self-control, as well as a variety of food. That is more than around a variety of food sources, the living being smarter. Article provoked debate since the study’s authors spoke against the hypothesis that the brain correlates with the size of the social group (eg, number of Dunbar) Dunbar himself, expressed that the tests were defective to track social interactions, but approved the study of the relationship of food varieties with cognitive functions .

6 May 2014

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• Selection has changed the structure of the brain of dogs »»»
Scientists first proved that the directed selection of dogs led to a change in the structure of their brain.
• People have reached a certain limit of mental development »»»
Next stage of development, according to Flynn, will improve other functions, for example - the brain responsible for learning foreign languages, or “empathy” (empathy).
• Birds of Chernobyl - a small amount of brain »»»
Birds that live in the area of the Chernobyl disaster, the brain volume on average 5% less than usual.
• High religiosity of the population and the low level of social well-being - consequences of social inequality »»»
U.S. has a leading position among the first world as the level of religiosity of the population, and on indicators of “social disadvantage”.
• CT Love »»»
Neuroscientists in the U.S. and Switzerland summarized the results of six studies of the phenomenon of love, performed by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).