RGO expedition returned from the islands in the Gulf with unique discoveries

The work was carried out on several islands[[t:tag slug=vov]islands, the expedition searched for the remains of missing soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.

MOSCOW, August 15. / TASS /. 70 years after the Victory the real map of the hostilities of World War II recreated still up to the end. Close to it are some white spots, unknown to talk about the exploits of Soviet soldiers called to the expedition “Hogland” Russian Geographical Society (RGS) with the participation of the Ministry of Defence, culminating on Saturday.
Window to Europe
It would seem that the twenty-first century, the center of Europe, a small Gulf. Even near St. Petersburg have those “white spots” that should be studied from the ground.

14 islands in the west of Russia, not including the Kaliningrad region, at different times belonged to Finland, Sweden, Russia. They relate very important page of history - the way from the Vikings to the Greeks, “a window to Europe” Peter I, the blockade of Leningrad. The last 70 years these islands - the closed border zone. Live here, rather, serve in the Navy in the defense, the Coast Guard only a few dozen people.

“Despite the fact that the unique nature of the islands, valuable antiquities (mazes Stone Age petroglyphs and sacrificial pits Viking burial grounds) and recent history, this area has never not comprehensively investigated by scientists,” - said the head of korr.TASS complex expedition of the Russian Geographical Society ” Hogland “, deputy executive director of the expedition center Artem Hutorskoy RGS. According to him, this issue is now took over the Russian Geographical Society, which every summer since 2013, travels to the island. On behalf of the largest of them - Hogland - named Expedition.

The farm said that the members of the expedition “carried out research on the history, geography, geology, botany, ornithology,” the scientists involved in the work of the Russian Academy of Sciences, students, experienced searchers, experts in different areas of possible findings. Nevertheless, “the work for many more years,” convinced the head of the expedition. Even the area of ​​some of the islands is still not precisely defined, they remain unknown origin, has not been fully studied the flora and fauna.

For example, during the current season Research “Troopers” I landed on the island of Grand Tyuters. Specialists of the RAS, authoritative archaeologists, botanists, ornithologists and geologists promised to prepare his “passport”, including compile lists of flora and fauna and geological map made measuring heights.

In general, the results of the expedition is to prepare a full description of the islands in many disciplines from geology to biology, to evaluate their ecological status, and to facilitate the establishment of the reserve in the region, which will include parts of the island.

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15 August 2015

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