Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the Crimea in the expedition of the Russian Geographical Society

Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in an expedition of the Russian Geographical Society in Crimea. Explore the sights of the peninsula, among them - places associated with the route of the Silk Road, the ancient court and at the bottom of the Black Sea, the President will travel to the end of August.

Russian Geographic Society for more than 160 years has been researching the Crimea, so geographers will show that Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to the peninsula. One of the main tasks of the expedition will be the creation of a political, social and resource atlases, told the newspaper “Izvestia” the chairman of the Crimea branch of the Russian Geographical Society Boris Vakhrushev.

Such atlases are required to accelerate the integration of the Crimea in the political, social and economic field, Russia. Information obtained by the expedition will be used to return function Peninsula resorts.

“We need to conduct field work and statistical example Arctic expedition. It will be time consuming and a lot of diverse work related to the research shelf and the project” Turkish Stream “- said Vahrushev. The expedition is planned to explore the sights of the peninsula, including the places connected the route of the Great Silk Road, the ancient court and at the bottom of the Black Sea.

At the meeting of Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society, which this year celebrates 170 years, Putin said that the Russian Geographical Society is making a significant contribution to social activities aimed at creating conditions for the patriotic education of the youth, for the development of the Motherland.

According to experts, the expedition to the Crimea was not chosen by accident: after the peninsula again became a part of Russia, the region has become a priority for the whole country.

This year, the RGO has already conducted a number of expeditions. In honor of the 170th anniversary of the company and the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, a group of Crimean made tourist expeditions “on the route of the Great Silk Road.” Furthermore, it was to climb to the top of the mountain Chatyrdag - there hoisted the flags of the Russian Geographical Society, Republic of Crimea and Russia after the reunification of the peninsula with Russia. There have been several dozen research missions and expeditions to study artificial underground structures, caves, river and mountain ecosystems, underground fauna, and more.

Recent discoveries Crimean RGS were three warships of the Great Patriotic War, found at the bottom of the Black Sea off the coast of the peninsula. In early summer, the representatives of the company announced the preparation of the expedition to survey one large and two small ancient ships found near Sevastopol, say “News”.

31 July 2015

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