More than half of Russian scientists asked to check for signs of extremism, incitement of ethnic hatred and all interstate program of Dmitry Kiselev, “News of the Week”

The reason for this was admitted March 16 anchorman reasoning that “Russia will be able to transform the U.S. into radioactive ash” and mocking the fact that “Obama in fear nazvanivaet Putin.” Collecting signatures for an open letter researchers completed. Letter “O unacceptable statements Dmitry Kiselev” is sent on Thursday morning.

Here is a quote from him: “We, Russian scientists believe that the differences in the specific geopolitical issue is unacceptable to use for the publication of calls for a nuclear attack on another state, whatever the attitude towards it, to unleash a third world war. Especially unacceptable when such calls are aired main state channel. ”

Letter addressed to the Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov, head of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Mass Communications Alexander Zharov and CEO Oleg Dobrodeev RTR. Signed by scientists from various fields of science. The text can be read in several places, among other things - on the Company scientists (ONR). However, after some time there was a message here: collecting signatures on the share closed because some members of the scientific community against this action. Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering, Co-OHP, Ph.D. Alexander Fradkov said that this is a consequence of growing differences between now members of the scientific community.

20 March 2014

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Alexander Shustorovich. Photo: Alexey Panov / TASS Reform of the