Russian billionaire with the Dalai Lama promises to reveal the secret of immortality (By 2045 the human mind can be “transplanted” into an artificial brain?)

Russian projectInitiative 2045″ promises to the middle of the century to discover the secret of immortality. “Picture Project” involves eternal life for an intelligent being - due to transplant the consciousness into an artificial brain that will control the humanoid hologram. The project is an initiative of Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskova, has applied to the 1531 billionaire list of Forbes magazine with a request to join forces to fund his research. The Dalai Lama himself has blessed this venture, writes about the “Picture Project” French edition “Atlantico” (Times Online translation).

Eternal life, according to the 31-year-old billionaire, is the result of the plan, which consists of four steps that will be implemented by 2045.

In the first stage, the 2015-2020 year, the task of creating a robot - a copy of the human body, which could be controlled by the human brain.

By 2025, the project envisages the creation of the avatar in which human brain is grafted to the end of life.

The Working Group hopes to create by 2035 an artificial brain, which could be transferred to the human person in order to achieve the 2045 goal: create an avatar - that is, a hologram - is completely identical to the appropriate person.

The authors declare the project on its website, “the following main objectives: creating a new vision of human development, the possibility of a substantial increase in capacity through cybernetic technology, as well as creating a new culture associated with these technologies.”

The young billionaire said that already recruited 30 scientists to the success of the eternal search for (cyber) life. He also plans to open control center in San Francisco, to monitor the development of the project.

2 August 2012

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