Lack of education is not worse than smoking kills, say scientists

American doctors have recognized poor education or the lack of it as dangerous for the nation’s health factor as smoking.

MOSCOW, July 9 - RIA Novosti. Insufficient or poor education just proved as dangerous to human life factor as smoking - bad results of final exams, as statistics show, can reduce a person’s life for 10 years, say scientists in a paper published in the journal PLoS One.
“Our results show that the reforms and other reforms aimed at improving access to education, can significantly increase the life expectancy of people in the US, especially given the growing difference between the educated and uneducated sectors of society. If the current trends do not change, the death rate among men low education will continue to grow “, - said Patrick Krueger (Patrick Krueger) from the University of Colorado at Denver (USA).

Kruger and his colleagues came to this surprising conclusion, comparing statistics on student achievement, the quality of their education and how they lived in later years of life, from 1925 to the present day.
The comparison showed that the quality and duration of education was directly linked to the life expectancy of Americans. For example, people who have received an excellent rating in the finals, lived a little longer than the average American, and graduates of colleges and universities significantly surpassed them in this indicator.
The opposite situation was observed among people who have not received a full secondary education - were worse assessment, the average they lived less than normal. In the most severe cases, when the graduates could not even get a certificate, their life expectancy was 10 years less than that of their peers who have successfully completed the school.
The most alarming finding was that the growing gap between the educated and uneducated sections of the population, “pulling” for themselves and mortality. This is reflected in the fact that the difference in life expectancy between the educated and uneducated Americans is growing faster.
This phenomenon, as scientists believe, is a serious problem for the United States and other countries, which must be fought on a par with tobacco, alcohol and drugs. The potential to prolong life so huge - as emphasized by the scientists, about 10% of adults in the US have not finished school, and only 28% have successfully graduated from college.

9 July 2015

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