Amendments to the labor code is offered every three years to shake up the teaching staff of universities in terms of improving the mechanisms of regulation of work of scientists

The Russian government at its meeting today to consider a bill providing for periodic evaluation of university teachers to match their position, the press service of the Cabinet.

A draft Federal Law “On Amendments to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation in terms of improving the mechanisms for regulating the labor of scientists, heads of scientific organizations and their deputies” synchronized procedure for the conclusion and termination of employment contracts with employees belonging to the faculty in educational institutions of higher education, established Art. TC 332 with the appropriate procedures established for scientists.

The bill proposes to enter into an employment contract for the replacement of the individual positions of scientists, as well as their contributions to certain positions only after the election of the employee at the post for the contest.

Also according to the amendments to verify compliance position held not less than once in three years should be conducted certification scientists, who have concluded open-ended contract.

In addition, the set features the substitution position of deputy head of the scientific organization - with them an employment contract for a period not exceeding the term of office of the head of relevant scientific organizations.

The main purpose of introducing the Labor Code of the Russian Federation of the amendments - improve the mechanism for ordering employee scientific sphere or performing their duty deputies. Document “will establish a mechanism of simultaneous order to work with labor agreements employees who are included in the faculty working in higher education institutions and offers the appropriate order for the Professional”

If the bill is adopted, to conclude contracts for the replacement of specific scientific staff positions will be possible only in the case of an employee to overcome the test of competition - so they say in the papers accompanying the bill.

The paper also identified specific situations in which the vacancy of the head made his deputy. “They will be signed employment agreement for a period not exceeding the period of normal working of the employment contract for a specific head of science education” - vaguely explained in the bill.

The bill will soon be forwarded for consideration by the State Duma, the official website of the Cabinet.

2 June 2014

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