Family Israelis archaeological discovery made in his living room

Israeli family during the repair at his home on the western outskirts of Jerusalem, discovered under the floorboards living Jewish “mikvah” - carved in the rock the pool for ritual ablutions.

Her age, archaeologists estimated at two thousand years, and interpret the find as proof of the information contained in the biblical texts.

Discovered in the same ceramic and stone vessels have allowed scientists to date the find I century AD and even suggest that traces of fire left by the destruction of the city by the Roman legions in the 66-70 years of our era, reported the Israel Antiquities Authority.

“Archaeological discoveries in a private home - it could happen only in Israel, and especially Jerusalem. In addition to the unusual circumstances in which the discovery was made, and it has a scientific value” - said the Antiquities Authority Amit Ray.
Ein Kerem, the area where it was discovered mikvah, mentioned in the New Testament as the birthplace of John the Baptist and his mother Elizabeth’s meeting with Jesus’ mother Mary. Evangelists described events occurred at about the same period, which is dated.

2 July 2015

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