Chinese Physics explained impact head woodpeckers

Chinese physicists figured out why the head of the woodpecker has such powerful resistance characteristics. The secret of the strength of the bird skull - the distribution and transformation of energy. The study, published in the journal Science China Technological Sciences, will help in the design of buildings that can withstand the strong shock wave and powerful vibrations.

Staff at the Dalian University of Technology (Liaoning Province) received a three-dimensional image of a woodpecker computerized tomography and treated it in apps Mimics and Abaqus.

Scientists note that the woodpecker hollows a tree with a frequency up to 25 Hz, and the speed of his head comes up to 7 meters per second (located on the organs in the head acceleration operates about 1,200 gallons) without suffering from traumatic brain injury. The fact that the body of the bird absorbs most (99.7 percent) of the energy of impact energy in the form of voltage. Due to this the brain “gets” minimum impact energy (0.3 percent) - and it is dissipated in the form of heat (because of what the brain temperature rises sharply woodpecker). It is for this reason that the bird has to take frequent breaks in his “work.”

12 August 2014

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