American citizen Alexander Shustorovich cornered the market of scientific journals in Russia

Alexander Shustorovich. Photo: Alexey Panov / TASS
Reform of the Academy of Sciences takes its normal course: at the end of May 2015 the Russian government approved the rules of coordination of the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (Fano) and the Russian Academy of Sciences, has approved a list of public procurement for the Russian Academy of Sciences. Now the Academy of Sciences is not real estate, it does not have the right to engage in economic activities. However, there is a sphere, which is not affected by the reform - a market research publications. Since 1989, the scientific journals issued by RAS proved bought up publishing holding Pleiades Publishing, owned by American Alexander Shustorovich Soviet origin.

According to open sources, Alexander E. Shustorovich aka Alex Shustorovich, was born in 1966 in the Soviet Union in a family member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1977 she traveled with her parents to the United States. He graduated from Harvard University. In 1988, thanks to ties his father created a US-Russian joint venture International Academic Publishing Co, which has received the rights to the publication and dissemination of works abroad RAS.

Soon, with the assistance of the then Minister of Atomic Energy Viktor Mikhailov and Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev Shustorovich he created a company Pleiades Group, which for some time was engaged in brokering the sale of enriched uranium from Russia to the United States. Activity Shustorovich Americans did not like. So, when he tried to finance the election campaign of George W. Bush in the United States, his check for 250 thousand. Dollars was not accepted by the electoral headquarters of George Bush without explanation.

In 1997, the Academy of Sciences and the firm of Alexander Shustorovich Pleiades established LLC “International Academic Agency” Science “” (abbreviated to IaaS). Previous RAS President Yuri Osipov signed a decree, according to which from now on all the rights to use any of the exhibits, collections, archives belonging to the RAS, transferred Maan, which has received the exclusive right to exhibit them. Following the exhibitions, many exhibits and did not return to Russia. PhD, a former employee of the Paleontological Institute Larysa Doguzhaeva in the television movie “Diagnosis of the RAS” (2013, REN TV) said that the collection of the Museum of Paleontology exported to sell trucks. The leader of the movement “For an honest country!” Faith Mysina argues that “under this sauce actually went plundering unique collection.”

Faith Mysina. Frame: YouTube

But the lost collection - it is the cherry on the cake, you never know in Russia stole. Where is striking that for the past two decades of scientific journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences supervised by a private individual - the hero of this article.

19 June 2015

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No matter how we complained about the fact that people are no longer interested in science.