Catchment tower WarkaWater in Ethiopia

Worldwide, 768 million people lack access to clean drinking water, every day 1,400 children under the age of five die each year from diseases due to lack of water.

Designer Arturo Vittori (Arturo Vittori) considers as high technology looking for a solution that catastrophic problems of its construction in the form of unusual giant sculptures can greatly help the situation.

The size of its catchment towers in height is nearly 30 feet (over 9 meters), and its main task - making clean drinking water - coping well: they provide more than 25 gallons (over 94 liters) of drinking water per day collecting water vapor from the atmosphere .

Do towers called WarkaWater each column consists of two structures: a semi-rigid outer exoskeleton obtained by binding Sitnik stems or bamboo, and the inner plastic mesh resembling the one that sells oranges.

Nylon and polypropylene fibers acting as drift eliminators for the condensation, in which the condensed moisture in the form of droplets flows into the water reservoir in the bowl-base of the tower.

15 April 2014

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