The fall of the ruble uneasy: the Russians used to be miserable. Sociologists explain citizens apathetic reaction to price increases

Now who would argue with the fact that we live in a very well-fed country in the world? At each regular price hike at the next fall of the ruble Russians meet only a complete lack of reaction and Olympian calm.

The beginning of August was marked by a sharp rise in prices in the shops. It’s not just about the traditional food “newsmaker” - rice and buckwheat, which jumped again the other day and added to the cost of 2.5 times compared to last summer. On the packaging of dairy products a formal price remains the same, only in a liter PET bottle is now just pour 900 milliliters of the product. But the sausage with a weight which is not zabaluesh, in a number of networks grew one and a half times compared with the beginning of the summer.

At the same time the ruble began to beat again antirecord relative to Western currencies. The population at the same time is quiet and complacent: no hint of dissatisfaction. Our fellow citizens are no longer really interested in the price or lack of response to the rise in price due to the holiday season? And if it is the latter, how it will behave in the autumn the Russians? Do you expect us to panic or hungry consumer protests?

Sociologists - the same people who are inclined to rest, and surveys on prices during the holiday period, they have not performed. Nearest research on this subject, “Levada Center” plans to start in the first decade of August, and to make public closer to September. But we asked the leading expert on the consumption and living standards of the service, sociologist Natalia Bondarenko, assume that the respondents will say and how they are ready to deal with the global rise in price?

- The rise in prices has traditionally been the most mentioned issue at the polls - says the expert. - It has always been a concern regardless of whether or not they are stable. In periods when prices did not rise, the expectation of the respondents worried about their growth. But it is curious that in periods of sharp rise in prices - in August 1998, 2008 and 2014 - not sociologists recorded sharp dissatisfaction happening, but only fear mongering, it will be even worse. When prices have stabilized - Fear returned to the average and dissatisfaction and did not appear.

- How, according to polls, the Russians are accustomed to struggle with rising: only savings or by using the protests?

- We are carefully studying the protest activity, and still its dynamics does not coincide with a rise in prices. In Russia, these are two different, totally uncoordinated process. Falling living standards has not yet led to an increase in the protests except for some single-industry towns.

Among our people there is a group that is willing to protest always, it increases when there is a political pretext, but the stomach is in no way connected.

Last fall, 70% of respondents said that react to price increases so: will spend less on purchases abandon spa vacation. Another 20%, more affluent, planned to increase spending on the purchase, you do not lose money because of depreciation. Arrange a matter of the action planned unit respondents.

5 August 2015

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