“Freedom of speech degenerated into freedom to offend Europeans have cooled to the faith” - political scientist Natalia Narochnitskaya

I know a case where the exhibition of contemporary art installation made - a crucifix immersed in urine pot … Just Christians do not kill for it.

And they are not able to adequately respond to this challenge. Because Europeans have cooled to the faith and believe their civilization only democracy and a post-modern philosophy, when a person is not associated with any order of things, denies any value system, it assigns to itself, should not be subjected to any set of rules.

At the same time, Europeans have launched a huge number of migrants. And the problem with them is still dogmatically interpreted as a lack of democracy or some social measures for their adaptation. And refuse to admit that the problem is something especially that came a huge number of people who recreate in the European civilization entirely different piece of civilization, with its principles of morality, its attitude of man to man, with his notion that God tells them to do, and that will not allow it.

But Europeans are not able to say it. The tragedy here is just reflecting. Another great Spanish philosopher, mid-twentieth century Ortega y Gasset wrote with sadness that the increasing complexity of the modern world is accompanied by the same monstrous simplified approach to his awareness and understanding.

And Russia is with its own laws, which limit insulting people on religious and ethnic grounds, much more adequate. Recently, a German Conservative saying and can be subsequently emigrate to Russia? Because there is no strength to live in a society that denies the European traditional values.

I hope can be discussion on this topic. But immediately cry postmodernists: how freedom of speech? That’s what I want, I’m talking about. I want - I mock Christ, I want to - on Lenin, I want to - the prophet Mohammed. I am deeply saddened about what happened, and I think, again, that Europe has faced tragedy when someone really challenges the European civilization based on “Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not steal.”

Nobody has the right to take on the role of the instruments of God, take the life of another person. This is a terrible crime. But once you have started here so many people with different representation of what is good and what is bad, then pass laws that harmonize the coexistence in the same state of people with different view of the world.

But very much doubt that postmodernists, who then dominated in all media, in all the information society and the political elite, with the exception of a small number of conservatives, not to scream that the most important thing in our civilization - is freedom of speech. I am free, I think so, and no one can humiliate me, insult and give me a slap. And there is often already understood as I am free, I can every insult, humiliate, slap him.

16 January 2015

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