State companies may prohibit buy foreign cars

Russian Popular Front (ONF) asked the Russian government to ban state-owned companies buying cars made outside the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan). Now this ban applies to state and municipal structures.
Recall that the Russian government in July this year banned the state and municipal procurement of foreign-made cars. The embargo applies not only to cars officials but also public transport, special equipment, which is used by emergency services, budget organizations, technology, which is used in utilities, construction, several other sectors. Are talking about the technology, which is made outside of the Customs Union, respectively, it is not for the foreign brands whose products are manufactured in the Russian Federation.
In ONF believe that the ban should be extended. “Co-Chair of the central headquarters of the ONF Brechalov Alexander turned to the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to extend to state-owned and state-owned companies to Decision banning buy cars made outside the territory of the Customs Union,” - said the press service of the ONF.
- It is obvious that the appetites of officials and top managers themselves will not diminish, so you need to set the bar in the procurement of vehicles - says Brechalov. - At the same time buy luxury cars are not only large corporations, but also other businesses, and it is unclear why they should be less patriotically disposed towards the domestic auto industry than officials.

6 August 2014

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