Tommy Hilfiger presented a line of solar jackets

While a variety of well-known brands are aimed at conquering the heights of the podium original models and bright colors, Tommy Hilfiger goes even further, and in the world of high fashion is their first taste of wearable technology, in the form of a jacket with solar panels for the winter season 2014-2015.

Designed for both men and women, limited edition jackets designed for charging electronic devices such as a smartphone or tablet by collecting energy from solar panels installed on the jacket.

We were in a situation where our phone is discharged at the most inopportune moment. Tommy Hilfiger promises to fix it. Thin cord in the lining of the jacket connects the solar panel located on the back of the model with a removable battery in the front right pocket - it is here necessary to put the device you want to charge.

The solar panel itself is made using a flexible amorphous silicon technology developed by Pvilion, specializing in the design and manufacture of lightweight portable solar products.

When exposed to bright sunlight, solar panels to charge the battery, which in turn provides energy completely up to four times the standard device to 1500 mAh.

The battery has two ports USB, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

As for the design, it is worth noting that solar panels are easy to enable, disable, and remove, so that if necessary, you can remove the solar equipment and just stay in a nice jacket.

Battery and solar panels add a lot of weight, but Tommy Hilfiger made sure to make the jacket is very light, but warm thanks to the removable insulating podstezhki.

Female model in a three-quarter-length coat has a waterproof nylon with nice accents of plaid wool fabric. The same tartan, but green is present in the male model.

4 December 2014

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