Russians - most loyal workers in the world. They are loyal to their employer, worry about the success of the company, which employs and try to perform their duties as best as possible

According to the results of the annual survey of international recruitment agency Kelly Services, in Russia 62% of employee[t:tag slug=sotrudnik]employees believe that their leadership values ​​or appreciates. This factor significantly affects the level of staff loyalty - if a person knows that his contribution to the work is appreciated, it performs its best.

Closer to Russia in terms of loyalty to the Asian and Pacific region, in particular, Thailand (58%) and Indonesia (57%). At the same time, on average, around the world share of loyal employees to the employer does not exceed one third of the population - for example, in Italy such workers only 3%, Hungary 10%, Portugal 19%. However, there are champions and among European countries - is Denmark (45%) and Norway (42%).

- Increased employee loyalty, on the one hand, due to the fact that they have more work to cherish, - says CEO Kelly Catherine Gorokhov. - On the other - companies are now trying to retain staff and to be as attractive to them. For he who does not follow the mood of workers could lose talented employees, and to find an adequate replacement will be difficult.

Growing level of involvement in the work of our fellow citizens - this year it was 37% compared with 28% last year. According to the survey, the main criterion when choosing a job for the majority remains the level of financial compensation - 91% of Russians believe the salary an important factor in Europe of 80%. For 61% of Russians are also important career opportunities, reputation and brand of the company (56%), the balance between work and personal life (51%).

The researchers note that the criteria for choosing an employer differ depending on the profession: so for the Russian IT and marketing specialists practically important balance between work and personal life. And for professionals of lifescience (health care and pharmaceuticals) are important training and development programs. For marketers and “salespeople” very important brand and reputation, for their work in the well-known company - an investment in the future.

According to Catherine Gorokhoyava to retain talented employees, the employer is not enough today to be the best in terms of the level of financial compensation and its reputation - it is necessary to take into account the interests of employees of the professional category. “Many Russian employers have shown that they are willing to change,” - added the expert.

17 June 2014

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