Scientists: modern Europe was created in the Bronze Age migrants from Russia

The newcomers from the south brought with them new technologies, language and dairy farming
The formation of modern Europe actually began about 5,000 years ago, thanks to the mass migration of people who inhabited the present territory of the south of Russia and Georgia, which brought new technology, language and dairy farming, according to The Independent. Such mass European migration can only be compared with the colonization of the Americas.
This conclusion was voiced their research professor at Copenhagen University Eske Willerslev, an evolutionary genetics, who spent more than a genetic analysis of the skeletons of the era.
Thousands of migrants owned metal processing and spoke in tongues, which became the basis of Greek and Latin, German and English later. In addition, they brought in their blood gene that allowed adults to drink milk because of an enzyme that promotes lactose digestibility.
These people have replaced the Neolithic hunters and gatherers who lived in northern Europe and spread over a vast area from the Urals to Scandinavia.
They gave the example of new family structures, new religions, new ways of burying the dead, the rudiments of urban life. In those days it was a high-tech culture, says the Danish professor.

11 June 2015

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