Peak jubilees and anniversaries 2014 Subject Ukraine

The article goes on to describe the unique anomalies jubilees and anniversaries 2014.Pervaya part of the article was devoted to the subject of war In this part of the wide range of issues, consider the theme of the history of Ukraine, the relevance of which is associated with a growing international conflict in South-Eastern Ukraine and around the Crimea.
* Words in brackets the number of years anniversary.
* † - sign for the anniversary of the death (Day of Remembrance).
The most important historical events
The Union of Lublin (445), in 1569 Volhynia, Podlasie, skirts, Bratslavshchina and Kiev region came under Polish rule.
Treaty of Pereyaslav (360), on which a decision was made on the reunification of Ukraine with Russia.
Alexis (385), the Russian Tsar, Ukraine joined Russia.
No coincidence: B.Khmel’nickogo.

Fig. 1 Celebration of the 360th anniversary of the Reunification of Russia and Ukraine

Defense of Sevastopol (160), the Crimean War.
USSR (95), Soviet Ukraine was founded in 1919.
Polish-Soviet War (95), started in 1919 participated in the conflict between the Soviet Ukraine, the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic.
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (75), known intergovernmental agreement signed in 1939 by the heads of departments of the Foreign Affairs of Germany and the USSR. The subsequent Polish campaign the Red Army (75), the Soviet Union was annexed Western Ukraine.
The war in South-Eastern Ukraine and the conflict over Crimea began in 2014.
Transfer of Crimea to Ukraine (60).
Khrushchev (120), the head of the Soviet Union, gave the Crimea to Ukraine.

Fig. 2 Khrushchev with Ukrainian friends
Cities of South-East of Ukraine and their founders
Kliment Voroshilov (45 †), a prominent Soviet leader, whose name was wearing Lugansk, one of the centers of New Russia.
John James Hughes (200, 125 †), Welsh industrialist, founder of Donetsk.
Since 1869 the city was in his honor the name Yuzivka (145).
Since 1924 the city Yuzivka given the name Stalin (90).
Slavyansk got its current name in 1784 (230), the city in 1794 (220).

Fig. 3 Ruins Sloviansk

Thorez, about which there was an accident aircraft Boeing, 2 days before the event celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Odessa (220), the original name - the fortress Hadzhibey, considered the founding year 1794.
Poltava (840), the founding year of 1174 is considered to be predominantly There are mentions dated 899 (1115).
The Battle of Poltava (305) - the decisive battle of the Northern War, took place in 1709.
Kharkiv (360), established in 1654.
Lviv - is an important center of Ukraine. Its founder -
Daniel Romanovich (750 †), 1st King of Russia.
Known Policy of Ukraine
I.S.Mazepa (375, 305 †), hetman of Ukraine.
N.I.Mahno (80 †), the head of the army of “green” during the Civil War.
M.S.Grushevsky (80 †), 1st Chairman of the Central Rada of the Ukrainian People’s Republic.
S.V.Petlyura (135), the head of the Ukrainian People Republic.
S.A.Bandera (105,55 †), the leader of Ukrainian nationalism.
OUN (85). Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists was created in 1929.
2nd Great Council of the OUN (65), was held In 1939.
A.A.Melnik (50 †), one of the leaders of the OUN, and follower S.A.Bandery E.Konovaltsa.
No coincidence: E.Konovalets.
R.Sushko (120,70 †), leader of the OUN, Ukrainian commander of the Legion.
V.M.Chernovol (15 †), one of the founders of the People’s Movement, the Hero of Ukraine.
L.M.Kravchuk (80), the first President of Ukraine.

Fig. 4 First President L.M.Kravchuk

G.R.Gongadze (45), a well-known journalist and editor.
A.V.Turchinov (50), acting President of Ukraine.
Yatsenyuk (40), Prime Minister of Ukraine.
A.B.Avakov (50), the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
Great and prominent figures of science and culture of Ukraine
The great Ukrainian poet and artist said this year the 200th anniversary:
Taras Shevchenko (200).

Fig. 5 Great Kobzar

GS Skovoroda (220 †), one of the first original philosophers of the Russian Empire.
Nikolai Gogol (205), the famous Russian-Ukrainian writer.
A.P.Dovzhenko (120), a famous film director.
Makarenko (75 †), a well-known teacher and writer.
I.I.Sikorsky (125), the world famous aircraft designer.
Glushko (25 †), a large Ukrainian-Soviet scientist in the field of rocket and space technology.
R.I.Kondratenko (110 †), head of the works to create a new kind of artillery - mortars, was born in a noble family of Ukrainian descent.
P.R.Popovich (5 †), Soviet cosmonaut, the first Ukrainian in space.
V.V.Lobanovsky (75), an outstanding football coach.
V.F.Borzov (65), American track and field athlete, sprinter, two-time Olympic champion and Olympic medalist, and a public figure in Ukraine.
Religious leaders of Ukraine
Metropolitan Filaret (85), the first Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine. Defrocked, excommunicated and anathematized the Russian Orthodox Church.
Metropolitan Vladimir, the second Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine, died in the midst of the war in South-Eastern Ukraine in 2014.
Metropolitan Onufry (70), the third, the current Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine.
Great and famous figures of Kievan Rus’
Rurik (1135 †), the founder of the prince, which later became the royal dynasty of Rurik.
Yaroslav the Wise (960 †), Grand Prince of Kiev.
Daniel Romanovich (750 †), Grand Prince of Kiev, 1st King of Russia. The founder of the city.
Princess Olga (1045 †), the first of the Russian rulers converted to Christianity before the Baptism of Russia.
Nestor the Chronicler (900 †), old Russian chronicler, a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery. Traditionally considered to be one of the authors of “The Tale of Bygone Years”, is fundamental to the Slavic culture.

Fig. 6 Nestor the Chronicler

Thus, the anomaly anniversaries and anniversaries in 2014 on the topic of Ukraine is also significant. The probability of its random occurrence is very low, which suggests that the anomaly is a result of the activities of yet unknown to science Space Force.

3 October 2014

Russia and Germany share the assessment of its role in the history of
Vladimir Putin’s birthday and the day of polite people (little green men)

• The term "Great Patriotic War" set out to remove from the Ukrainian textbooks »»»
Ukrainian Ministry of Education has begun to discuss the changes in the history books for high school students, in particular, the Great Patriotic War, want to replace the Second World War.
• Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the Crimea in the expedition of the Russian Geographical Society »»»
Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in an expedition of the Russian Geographical Society in Crimea.
• What is taught in Ukrainian history textbooks schoolchildren? »»»
When we say in Russia, Ukrainians - the same Russian, they forget that in 23 years, a whole generation of people who know no other home than the independent Ukraine.
• Two-thirds of Ukrainian citizens do not believe in the possibility of recovery Ukrainian sovereignty over Crimea »»»
These are the results of a representative survey of DW-Trend, which commissioned media company DW held Kiev branch of the Institute of Public Opinion Research IFAK.
• In response to the proposal, Shimon Peres, Ukraine forget your past Oleg Tyagnibok advised Israel to forget the Holocaust »»»
President Shimon Peres spoke at the club cabinet. Listen and communicate with 87-year-old Nobel laureate came to Ukrainian politicians, representatives of the Jewish community, experts say.