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At the initiative of very advanced MPs from the Liberal Democratic Party in the State Duma a working group that should do the counting damage caused by Germany to the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War.

Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev (former “Going together”, then United Russia, then zhirinovets, proposed to ban circulation of the dollar in Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky check on extremism and return to Russia as a state black-yellow-white imperial flag) remembered that Germany “is not actually Soviet Union paid no reparations, “and it would be necessary to require them now. Is the sum of 3-4 trillion euros, which is already widely unrolled lip …

As there was at the “Comedy Club”? “Comrade Stalin, that you smoke?”

Ukraine will have in 1991 illegally withdrew from the USSR, the Crimea after 1954 illegally was part of Ukraine, the Federal Republic of Germany in 1989 annexed East Germany, then Germany on reparations owed …

MP Degtyareva, of course, have to regret: apparently, in the “Institute of World Civilizations”, established by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, where he studied at the Degtyarev lawyer, he has never heard of (and students are not told) of the 1945 Potsdam Conference. Where representatives of the USSR refused reparations and seizure of assets from the western part of defeated Germany (FRG future), agreed to limit that will be able to “withdraw” from the eastern part of the (future GDR).
In exchange, the United States and Britain agreed to the economic and political control over the Soviet Union in Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe.

4 February 2015

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