In northern Alaska, found the remains of a unique Arctic dinosaur

Scientists from the Florida Solar teamed up with colleagues from Alaska, to work together to find the remains of one of the most unique Arctic dinosaurs. Bones representative species Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis found at the mouth of the Colville River in northern Alaska. What is surprising: the Arctic dinosaur fed on grass, reports Los Angeles Times.
In northern Alaska, found the remains of a unique Arctic dinosaur
The species name means “ancient inhabitants”. Indeed, the researchers found that the dinosaur lived about 69 million years ago. 6 thousand. Bones that archaeologists have unearthed in the harsh soil of Alaska, saying that prehistoric reptile reaches a length of 7.5 meters. The uniqueness of the found remains lies in the fact that scientists have found all the bones from the body of the Arctic dinosaur, said expedition leader Patrick Drukenmiller.
The remains - fourth, found in the north of the Arctic. Note that while many of the dinosaurs ate grass. 69 million years ago it was the norm: the air temperature in the Arctic has reached 7 degrees Celsius.

23 September 2015

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