In the library of Irkutsk in Russia came the first edition of the King publicly available books: historical records without “ideology” and someone else’s subjective views

Funds Irkutsk Regional Library of Molchanov-Siberian replenished 34-volume facsimile edition of the Personal Chronicle of the XVI century, known as the King-Book, reported Trend. TASS in the regional library.
“For visitors to the library will be an exhibition of a unique multi-volume. Then the books will take a worthy place in the fund department of historical and cultural heritage and will be available to readers,” - noted the director of the library Olga Stasyulevich.
King-book - similar to the Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell - was created on the orders of Ivan the Terrible in a single copy for training the royal children. Over its drafting work of the best chroniclers and painters of the time. By order of the king they gathered in the monastery of Chud and duties conferred on the person editor of impeccable reputation, Metropolitan Macarius. Ivan the Terrible, as noted by historians, it was important to get a clear exposition of the history of the system, without the “ideology” and someone else’s subjective views. There are about 16 thousand of miniatures, so set is described as “the face”, that is the story - “in the people.”
Chronicle reflects the period “from the creation of the world” until 1576. In the breadth of historical events is the most impressive monument of world literature.
A unique manuscript is distributed in three stores - the State Historical Museum, the National Library and the library of the Academy of Russian Academy of Sciences - and is accessible only to a narrow circle of specialists. According to media reports, facsimile editions of King books, translated into foreign languages, have been in recent years presented several heads of states.
“Facsimile edition set that includes both the original text and translation into modern language, is the first Russian public edition of the King-books, allowing to expand access to its wide range of readers,” - told in the library.

29 June 2015

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