Lampshades using bicycle

We almost lost touch with the things that we buy.

Instead of having to care for them and repaired in case of damage, we do not give them a chance for long life and just throw in case of breakage or if they are no longer needed.

Of course, sometimes it is economically profitable, but in some cases, quite the opposite. This relationship with things, according to some, needs to be restarted. One of the best ways to do it - to engage consumers in the manufacturing process.

Collias Mark (Mark Colliass), student at the University of Nottingham Trent (Nottingham Trent University) in the UK, has developed a tool rotational molding, which allows to create their own lampshades during cycling. This is very unusual and amazing project was developed as a protest against the culture of disposable consumption.

The invention is 23-year old boy who is in fact a form for the production of lamp lampshade, mounted on the front fork of the conventional bicycle and driven from the front wheel, engages people in the production process. The basic idea is that produced so thing should be meaningful to the owner.

The invention exhibited at Nottingham Trent University “Magic Light”, which opened on February 28.

10 April 2014

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