Forgotten the lessons of history: Stalin about Ukrainian nationalism

“No, we’re doing right, that so severely punished nationalists of all stripes and colors. They are the best helpers of our enemies and the worst enemies of their own people.

After all dream of nationalists - crush the Soviet Union into separate “national” state, and then it will become easy prey for enemies. And the people inhabiting the Soviet Union, the majority will be physically destroyed, the remaining part of the same turn into dumb and miserable slaves of the conquerors.

Not accidentally despicable traitors of the Ukrainian people - the leaders of Ukrainian Nationalists, all these millers, Konovaltsia Bandera - have already received an assignment from the German intelligence to kindle among Ukrainians that same Russian hatred of Russian and Ukraine to seek separation from the Soviet Union. Same old song since ancient times, the period of the Roman Empire: divide and conquer.

Particularly successful in stirring up national hatred and incitement of some nations to other Englishmen. With such tactics, bribing miserable and corrupt leaders of different nations, capitalist island England - the first factory of the world, is negligibly small in size - has managed to capture the huge territory, enslave and rob the many peoples of the world, to create a “Great” British Empire, in which, as boastfully Englishmen say, the sun never sets.

With us this room while we are alive, will not work. So vain Hitlerite fools behalf of the Soviet Union, “House of Cards”, which supposedly will collapse at the first serious test as the fragility of friendship of the people who inhabit our country today, hoping to embroil them with each other. In the case of a German attack on the Soviet Union people of different nationalities living in our country, will defend her, not sparing the life as his beloved motherland dearly.

However, do not underestimate the nationalists. If you allow them to operate with impunity, they will bring a lot of troubles. That’s why they have to keep the iron in check, do not give them undermining the unity of the Soviet Union. ”

Stalin, The Complete Works. Volume 15, “A Conversation with Yakovlev March 26, 1941,” p. 17
Author Stalin, Complete Works. Volume 15, “A Conversation with Yakovlev March 26, 1941,” p. 17

5 November 2014

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