Scientists have found out, that our political views are determined by genes

Contrary to popular belief that our political views and ideology are caused by beliefs of our parents and the position of environment, it is actually the case in the genes, scientists say.
So, according to, according to the latest research by scientists from the National University of Singapore, in fact, our political beliefs are dependent on a gene called DRD4, also known as dopamine. It dopamine dictates certain political views, likes and dislikes.

It is noteworthy that dopamine is also known as’ gene adventure. ” It was his work forces us to take unnecessary risks and to seek adventure.

The research team led by Professor Ebstein and Professor Chew concluded political views depending on the activity of genes by conducting a survey among students in Singapore. Of asked to evaluate their political views as conservative or liberal. Also, participants in the experiment were taken genetic tests designed to determine the activity of certain genes.

The results showed that those who present a specific gene variant dopamine, 4R / 4R, characterized by more conservative and not inclined even to a reasonable risk.

11 January 2016

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