In the Russian humanitarian aid - water with Russified genetic memory

Ukrainian professor, head of the department of molecular electronics Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology, Michael Couric suggested to carefully check that the water that transports Russian humanitarian convoy destined for the Donbass. According to Couric, this water taken from the military range, and for good reason …
Couric said that 700 tons of water, which is transported in the Russian KAMAZ, must be subjected to serious scrutiny. And check need to spend even a parameter called “genetic memory.”

20 August 2014

Project Aquatilis: Russian deep Odyssey
As Tartary died? Part 1.

• Experimentally proved the existence of memories that persist in the brain for life »»»
For the first time in history, scientists from New York
• Mass confusion Russians »»»
The Russians, not having virtually no idea of the national identity of Belarusians, Lithuanians, their culture and their history - somehow believe that the Belarusians are very similar to Russian.
• Memory harms DNA »»»
To work properly, the neurons have to constantly tear our DNA - it breaks it helps to activate the genes necessary for the strengthening of interneuronal contacts.
• The Russians do not have a unified position on the question whether the country is now in the international isolation: 47% think that is, 45% hold the opposite opinion »»»
More than half of respondents (63%) of those who think that Russia is in isolation.
• Talergofsky concentration camp »»»
Its main aim was genocide of the Russian people for