70 years ago - June 6, 1944 was opened a second front: He waited too long

Opening of the Second Front June 6, 1944 - 70 years ago - could not cause the reaction of the Soviet people. About how the public mood now studying in the Soviet Union, about the height of the Second Front and expectations about how he ruined the image of an ally, says a leading researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences of Iran, Ph.D. Alexander Golubev.

Senior Fellow, Institute of Russian History, Ph.D. Alexander Golubev told “the Newspaper” of the Soviet people against the opening of the Second Front in 1944.

- What are the sources used by the historian to fix the public mood in Soviet society?

- The question of the public mood for a historian complicated because the available sources do not allow, first, to determine the prevalence of various moods, and secondly, the existing material not readily available to researchers.

Nevertheless, certain base sources sentiment during World War II there.

These sources are divided into two groups: the first includes informational materials about the attitudes of the population, which at that time was collected Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as party and government organs, prosecution, newspapers, public organizations, in particular, the Komsomol. In these people’s sentiments recorded in sufficient detail, both positive mood and negative. The second group - the sources of personal origin, ie, letters, memoirs and diaries. Unfortunately, the letters that would be available to researchers, not so much.

Memoirs same in terms of public sentiment - an unreliable source. People who described the facts and personal details, often forget what they thought and said many years ago. Very often they are transferred ideas about the world of the postwar period for the period of the war itself.

- That is the diarist wrote about their feelings at the time, knowing what happened then?

- Absolutely.

If you read the memoirs eve of the war, then make sure that virtually all memoirs knew exactly what war is and know with whom, and some - even when it starts.

But here’s the information materials of the first half in 1941 allow us to say that it was far from it. Therefore, the most appropriate source of origin are personal diaries, fixing opinions of the author at the very moment when the recording was made. They could be very subjective, but if you take a lot of blogs, you can get, though variegated, but adequate picture of public sentiment.

- At what point in the Great Patriotic War talks about the opening of the Second Front Second Front and expectations have become more urgent?

- On the role of allies and their assistance on direct military intervention talked in the early months of the war.

6 June 2014

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