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In the last century began to rise dramatically the world’s population, and John Calhoun had a very interesting experiment - taking as experimental material laboratory mice, set themselves the task of understanding how people behave in overcrowded conditions. Only crowding!

For the purity of the results of this experiment, it was necessary to eliminate the struggle of people (in the case of the experiment - mice) among themselves for the means of survival. And that’s why Calhoun put the experimental mice in terms of “paradise” - in conditions when mice everything but the space was in excess: “… to maintain a constant comfortable temperature for mice (+ 20 ° C), was present in abundance and food water, created numerous slots for females. Each week the tank cleaned and maintained in a constant state of cleanliness, had taken all the necessary precautions: eliminates the appearance of predators in the tank or the occurrence of massive infections. The experimental mice were under the constant supervision of veterinarians, their health status is constantly monitored. ” All mice were, but it was in the tank, a size of 2 by 2 meters and a height of six meters.

20 January 2015

“Freedom of speech degenerated into freedom to offend Europeans have cooled to the faith” - political scientist Natalia Narochnitskaya
(Initiative ignoramus - *** it!) On the floor - a liter forward

• Scientists have learned how to heal wounds with a printer »»»
Scientists from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Wake Forest (USA) demonstrated the results of an unusual experiment in which we used an inkjet printer with the “ink” of living cells.
• The Chinese have created a beef, fish rich in fatty acids »»»
Nutritionists are constantly encouraged to include in your daily diet of lean fish.
• Catchment tower WarkaWater in Ethiopia »»»
Worldwide, 768 million people lack access to clean drinking water, every day 1,400 children under the age of five die each year from diseases due to lack of water.
• Geneticists have obsessive-compulsive mice »»»
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is that man is constantly under the influence of unpleasant own thoughts (this is called obsessity), because of which he is forced to periodically repeat any action (compulsions).
• It found the gene that determines will gamete sperm or egg »»»
Japanese geneticists have found an unusual fish in the DNA gene determines whether there is sex cell sperm or ovum.