Two-thirds of Ukrainian citizens do not believe in the possibility of recovery Ukrainian sovereignty over Crimea

These are the results of a representative survey of DW-Trend, which commissioned media company DW held Kiev branch of the Institute of Public Opinion Research IFAK. Only 20 percent of respondents still hoping for the return of Russia annexed the peninsula of Ukraine.

In a study in December 2014 in Ukraine were polled 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 65 years living in cities with populations over 50 thousand people. IFAK failed to conduct a survey in the territories under the control of separatists, as well as in the Crimea.

Ukrainian government considers contacts with the authorities of these regions as support for terrorism. In particular this applies to the self-proclaimed DNR and LC. Without the express permission of the local authorities, however, hold a representative opinion poll impossible.

24 December 2014

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• 59% of Russians saw the value in the sanctions, the harm mentioned only every fourth »»»
Most people in Russia have found useful sanctions Western countries against Russia, the survey showed "Levada Center" held in late September 2014.
• Ordinary Americans do not approve of Obama's connection with the Ukrainian crisis. Rating Head of State went down »»»
Barack Obama's work on the highest public office in general disapprove of 59% of Americans, according to a survey conducted by the Associated Press - GfK.
• Putin's rating has reached a historic high - 89%. In April, February and May of Putin approved 86% »»»
Activities Putin as Russian president approves 89% of Russians. In addition, according to the poll, 64% of Russians believe that Russia is moving in the right direction.
• The Italians called Putin's most influential politician of the year 2015 »»»
24.66% think that Russia has significantly increased its weight in the international arena due to the policy of the Russian leadership on the fight against international terrorism.
• Most of the polled Russians - 36% - believes that Ukraine is a civil war »»»
When asked what events are taking place in Ukraine, only 7% chose the answer "coup d'etat, violent seizure of power" (in early 2014, the share of this response ranged from 23% to 32%).