XXI century will be the last for mankind as a species Homo Sapiens. End of an era of people will be marked by genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and mass migration in near-Earth space

The knowledge of mankind in the field of biology will be so deep that people will get rid of all diseases begin to actively apply the creation of genetically modified human[/t[t:tag slug=chelovechestvo]human embryos, the next generation of people to be different from their recent ancestors is not less than today domestic dogs differ from wolves.

Another event that will fundamentally change mankind in the modern sense, could be mass migration of people beyond our planet. This Shostak believes that the early stages of it, will likely not go to the colonization of Mars, and the creation of artificial satellites - huge space stations, which will be free to move without spacesuits and live an arbitrary amount of time. Such a radical change in the scope of data will undoubtedly affect on humanity, says the scientist.

The third and, according to one of the proposed scenarios Shostak, a major factor that could change the future for all of humanity, is the development of artificial intelligence. Already transistors so much less of synapses in the human brain that theoretically artificial intelligence not inferior to men, would fit on the tablet PC. As required for this program component, a breakthrough in this area, according to scientists, it will be committed until 2100. This can lead to the fact that the robots take over virtually all human work, but can - to the fact that the people themselves will be able to record their minds on digital media, finding thus a kind of immortality.

Either way, the scientist is convinced that in a hundred years, people of the future will not be too similar to Homo Sapiens, living on Earth 50,000 years.

22 January 2016

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