Forecast NASA about the sinking of Kaliningrad - “idiocy”

Forecast NASA US Space Bureau of the possibility of flooding of the Kaliningrad region is designed to scare the Russians, but in fact is idiocy. This opinion was expressed by a REGNUM correspondent doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor of Baltic Federal University. Kant Vyacheslav Eaglet.

Remember, today, 20 October, on the portal published map of the Baltic Sea, compiled by specialists NASA. The withdrawal of US experts is gloomy: from the melting of glaciers significant in the Kaliningrad region will be under water. According to the forecast NASA, flood Kaliningrad, Sovetsk, Slavsk all coastal resorts.

Professor Eaglet of BFU them. Kant told a REGNUM correspondent called such projections “idiocy”.

“There is no reason for such a prediction - said the expert. - In the Kaliningrad region the land rises above sea level from ten to twenty meters or more, and the maximum level of the river Pregel in the most severe floods reaches no more than two meters with a little.”

“Yes, the coming month of November abounds storm for days, and we must expect that we will have a storm, but they never will turn into a tsunami, because the depth of the shelf zone is very small - a maximum of 1.5-2 meters. In addition, our extensive beaches, and the mouth Rivers, on the contrary, small, “- said the professor.

Answering the question of whom designed these “horror stories”, Vyacheslav Eaglet said: “They are designed for you to scare the Russians.”

“The Americans think that we will start to challenge their words foul language. But we will not challenge - continued the professor. - We are simply saying that, in order to flood the Kaliningrad region, the desired wave height of 25-30 meters. This is not possible ! In the entire history of observations it was not. For the last thousand years. ”

IA REGNUM said that Professor Vyacheslav Eaglet, celebrated this year the 75th anniversary, in the Soviet years laid the foundations of a new scientific direction - petrophysics ocean floor. He - the author of a unique geographical atlas of the Kaliningrad region, based on many years of expeditions in the coastal marine area of ​​the Baltic Sea.

21 October 2015

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