What is taught in Ukrainian history textbooks schoolchildren?

When we say in Russia, Ukrainians - the same Russian, they forget that in 23 years, a whole generation of people who know no other home than the independent Ukraine. All who are currently in Ukraine are under 30 years old, went to the first class already samostiynogo schools.

But if earlier Russian schools in Ukraine were commonplace and people learn their native language, while maintaining involvement in the Russian world, now frighteningly growing number of Ukrainian schools: in the east they have only recently begun to make up the majority, but in the center of the country they are now at an average of 70 %, and in the west - is almost 100%.

30 May 2014

90% of research groups - and that thousands of scientists - upheld grants recently established Russian Research Fund, financed by the Russian science
Amendments to the labor code is offered every three years to shake up the teaching staff of universities in terms of improving the mechanisms of regulation of work of scientists

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Its main aim was genocide of the Russian people for
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