Katerina Tikhonov (Putin): MGU is important to keep their graduates for the country

In Moscow on Thursday, the II Congress of “innovative practice: science plus business“, organized by the Moscow State Universi[t:tag slug=universitet]University named after MV Lomonosov “Innopraktikoy.” On the question of the information agency “Interfax” said the head of “Innopraktiki” Katerina Tikhonov.

- Let’s start with the main thing that is “Innopraktika”?

- I’ll start with history. In August 2012 it was created a structural unit of the Moscow State University named National Center for Intellectual Reserve, whose mission - to create mechanisms for the involvement of young scientists in the process of transferring their own scientific research on the steps up to the industrial implementation. The problem has ripened for a long time, the University Rector Viktor Sadovnichiy singled out this work as a priority.

In Soviet times there was a coherent system of distribution under which graduates purposefully fell into industrial research institutes and scientific and technical departments. And the state is the sole customer research independently determine which practical field they can be used. The old system collapsed, and did not create a new, eventually forced the university to restore the chain of knowledge transfer in technology, but on the principle of partnership with the end customers - commercial companies. And parallel to this quite successfully engaged at various stages by the Science Park of Moscow State University, Department of Innovation Policy, Biotechnology Incubator and others. The specifics of our center - focus on young scientists, and interaction with the business for us is not an end in itself but a means to ensure demand for young scientists. By the way, similar centers at the university quite a lot, is a form of involvement of graduates in practical work. Some of them are developed, some cease to exist, it looks like a kind of profinkubator.

At a certain stage of the center, we realized that the main mechanism for the involvement of young scientists - is, above all, the implementation of projects for the industry. To organize the interaction with the business, it was decided that the University establish a non-profit foundation “national intellectual development,” the chairman of the board of trustees which is the rector. In addition to the legal interface for companies, the fund has also attracted external expertise when necessary. By the way, young scientists in any project not less than 30% of the total number of teams.

That is, the center - is the foundation, and the foundation - technical interface. But to simplify the public perception of the brand was created “Innopraktika”, which essentially combines the center and foundation, without being of any organization in the legal sense of the word.

- And what is the help “Innopraktiki” young scientists?

- Come on in parallel in two ways. If you apply a figurative comparison - in the first case we take the hand and conduct, and the second - trying to educate and provide tools. The first - the fastest and most short: just go and sdelat

22 October 2015

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