Thief returns for charging electric bicycles

Why steal bikes? After all, with the usual bike stolen not get more revenue. The popularity of this type of criminal activity is due to low-risk offender. And bikes are very different in value. If an amateur mountain bike can be bought for $ 300-600, the more advanced models can cost several thousand dollars.

Individual attention, electric bicycles, their cost, thanks to expensive electrical equipment, can start at $ 2,000. Therefore, the electric bike becomes a tasty prey for velovorishek.
We will tell the story of a London resident, who became the proud owner of a high-end electric bike company GoCycle cost $ 4200, which was stolen, in spite of all precautions. The bike was strapped castle and remained unheeded owner just 20 minutes.

Usually history of stolen bikes ends here, but not in this case. Ben Dzhakonelli owner last squeak tech foldable electric bike, a few days later received a phone call from a stranger who was interested in the method of charging the same model bike. Ben kept his head and tried to pull out of the interlocutor maximum amount of detail that helped him to trace the suspect. Thereafter, in the company of three friends went to “visit” to a potential thief electric bicycles.
After 20 minutes, the electric bike has been in the hands of a happy owner, and a statement detailing the incident to the local police station. Possibly other electric bikes missing in east London will soon be found.

Here’s a uncomplicated detective story.

A GoCycle G2 electric bike really deserves attention. In addition, he electrified, he is also collapsible and folds very compact, almost fourfold.

Built-in frame lithium-ion battery allows to pass on a full charge up to 60 km. Electric drive on the front wheel, muscular - in the back. Can be used as a normal bike.

12 May 2014

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