People settled in the Earth due to revenge and betrayal

British archaeologists have speculated that quickly colonize Earth and settle in inhospitable areas of ancient people began because of the betrayal: feel cheated or fearing revenge fellow members of primitive societies have become the driving force of these migrations. The article describing the new hypothesis presented in the journal Open Quaternary.

Spaykins Penny (Penny Spikins) from York University points out that the speed and nature of human settlement began to change dramatically about a hundred thousand years ago. Before that Homo specimens are rarely moved, and only under the pressure of the environment (population growth, drought, desertification). However, in more recent times, people began to migrate very often relocate, regardless of the environment.

According Spaykins, this phenomenon is explained by the progress in the social organization of the genus Homo: communication between team members become closer and began to play an important role in the survival of the group. Morality have become more stringent, people began to identify and punish those who violate them. Increasingly, there were conflicts where one side has accused the other in meanness and treachery.

Archaeologist sure that resentment and rancor (the memory of the damage done and betrayal), more efficient technologies of hunting, as well as contacts between distant social groups (helps to find allies in strange tribe) helped early humans to throw their own tribe and go in search of a new place of residence.

No ancient hominin, or animals do not do that. For example, when the migration of Homo erectus in Africa 1.6 million is the kind of environment he inhabits familiar - the vast plains. However, Homo sapiens began to occupy not only the previously inhabited territory, but also distant and adverse to living areas: desert, tundra, jungles, swamps.

“Active colonization of hazardous areas is difficult to explain the smart choice. It becomes clearer when we consider a stronger bond between the members of the community - because these people have become willing to retaliate, regardless of the price of revenge. Mobility was due to conflicts: an enraged former ally, ex-husband or a whole tribe of the angry, armed with poisonous arrows and spears, vengeance-seeking - this is a good reason to hide and run away “- sums up the archaeologist.

26 November 2015

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