How Omsk elite seeds turned into garbage

While television and radio trumpeting help agricultural enterprises, an increase in subsidies and state aid in obtaining credit, farmers in the Russian regions have to fight alone against the tyranny of local officials from the Ministries of Agriculture and Food. Read on Pravda. Ru loud story of a Siberian farmer.
For about a year to Pravda.Ru actively following the situation occurring in the agricultural sector, he writes as the industry develops, the measures taken by the authorities. A few days ago we learned the story of the farmer from the Omsk region, to which could not stay indifferent.
Bede farmer Peter Fedorovich Shumakova not started today or yesterday, but in 1998. Now on the calendar in 2015, and he still continues to plead with the people (with officials) not only destroy it, but do it without guilt guilty.
Peter Fedorovich not just a farmer and agronomist, who was able to raise its own excellent seed farm in the Omsk region. He has made significant progress in his case farmers without subsidies from scratch, and the enthusiasm of associates, at his own expense for 2 years reproduced varietal quality grain, which officials found out.

Regional authorities have offered him to become a major supplier of high-quality seeds to other farmers in the region of Omsk, for allegedly seed insurance fund field under which allocated huge budgets. “For two years I was with a team of like-minded people created a great economy of 4.5 thousand hectares, everything was going fine. Then, from the Ministry of Agriculture came and said that on the orders of the governor, we are involved in the seed of specialized farms, and must be certified. It has been only one I am the field, no man has gone from farmers. Imagine 6000 were farmers, and I just went. I really have the right to engage in reproduction elite seeds, seed, I got a license for the production of seeds, “- said Peter Shumakov with

16 May 2015

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